SAP ERP and WorkHeld – two software solutions in perfect cooperation. The user-friendly cloud solution WorkHeld can also be individually tailored to your company and your needs!

Compatibility and combination of SAP & WorkHeld

With the SAP ERP software solution, you can create and manage your service orders, but preparing them for technicians and foremen usually seems very complex and the software is only easy to use for experts. By adding WorkHeld you get the best of both software solutions: the power of SAP and the user interface of WorkHeld!

After you have created the work order in the SAP system, it can be processed quickly and easily with WorkHeld and its customizable features. Keep an overview of the order status at all times. Technicians in the field can easily synchronize it at any time. After completion of the order, a PDF report can be generated from the documentation at the push of a button and signed by the customer on site. At the same time, the recorded data is transferred to the SAP system and ensures complete transparency.

The picture shows the service process through the combined use of SAP & WorkHeld

With WorkHeld order & resource planning becomes a breeze

With the Team Planner you have the possibility to create the weekly work plan of all employees by drag & drop and present it in the briefing.

WorkHeld’s materials management system allows technicians to maintain an inventory to know exactly what resources are available on site. If a material consumption is documented, the inventory is automatically updated. Coordinator can also access the inventory to see immediately which technician is using a particular spare part.

Customer satisfaction through increased reaction speed & transparency in the work process

The more efficient and faster the process from order placement to order completion, the more satisfied your customer. After receiving the order from the customer, you can start immediately with the resource planning via drag & drop. The possibility to add checklists, pictures and sketches to work orders makes it easier to carry out the planning. Also the possibility to document comments and defects immediately and to synchronize them at the same time ensures a transparent and efficient working method.

The status dashboard ensures that you can always tell the customer exactly what the current status of the order is. This allows you to see at a glance the progress of projects, assignments and work orders. After each synchronization by the technician in the field, the information is sent at the same time to the coordinators in the office and is updated.

Digital reports – digital signature – real increase in liquidity

After successful completion of the order, the technician can generate a comprehensive PDF report from his entire documentation with just a few clicks. The digital report includes travel times, working hours, completed tasks and material used. The recorded data is simultaneously transferred to the SAP system. This allows the orders to be evaluated and completed in terms of costs, which serves as the basis for invoicing.

Accelerated accounting ensures that the turnover of receivables is accelerated, thus enabling an early increase in liquidity.

Messer Austria counts on WorkHeld and SAP

Messer Austria GmbH, one of the world’s leading industrial gases companies, relies on the cooperation of SAP and WorkHeld to digitalize its service processes.

“SAP ERP and WorkHeld are a powerful combination. The functionalities of SAP in the service area are very extensive. In combination with a user-friendly tool for the technician, a lot can be achieved,” says Christine Geier, Tablet Solutions COO and Product Manager of WorkHeld.

Thanks to the individual adaptability of the WorkHeld features, the cloud solution could be perfectly tailored to the wishes and needs of the company, thus ensuring very good cooperation.

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