Using the order planning function in WorkHeld you can quickly and easily create projects, assignments and work orders and assign technicians, tools and equipment by drag & drop.

Plan your employees and orders conveniently via drag & drop

No matter whether it is assembly, service or maintenance – weekly order planning is child’s play with WorkHeld. The planned orders are distributed to the employees by drag & drop. This way you always have an overview of the employee planning for the current and coming weeks.

The planning board remains clear and, like all WorkHeld functions, can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection.

While creating new orders, you can easily attach employees, tools and attachments to the work order or individual work steps using drag & drop. Of course, you can also use the availability check to check in advance whether the technicians have already been assigned to another work order for the planned date.

Of course, you can also attach pictures, drawings, diagrams and other documents to the work order, which are also available offline to the technicians after synchronization.

Easy access to checklists

You can also easily attach checklists to the individual work steps. These are much more flexible and adaptable than forms in paper format.

Changes or updates in the checklist templates can be made without much effort and synchronized with all technicians. It is just as easy to map different versions of a form to reflect differences between machine types or country-specific laws.

Work templates and availability check

Of course you can also use our work templates when creating new projects, assignments and work orders. These are particularly practical when it comes to work that has to be carried out repeatedly according to the same scheme.

Once you have created the order, you can also use the integrated availability check in addition to order planning. Here you can see which technicians are still available for the planned period and assign them to the individual work steps with a single click. This assignment will of course also appear simultaneously in the planning board for order planning shown above.

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