Remote working, teleworking and home offices have rarely been an issue for the industry. However, the current situation shows that sooner or later it will be necessary to shift the planning and order process online and enable remote working. Social Distancing is the order of the day. Rather go for a sustainable solution right away: WorkHeld.

Teleworking is particularly difficult in the area of plant construction and engineering as well as in production and maintenance, because it has so far been usual there for employees to receive their daily or weekly orders in a meeting at the beginning of the week. That requires personal contact and is no longer possible. Therefore we are helping these companies in switching over to digital solutions so that, for example, service technicians can receive their maintenance and repair orders from anywhere. Coordinators and service managers can also use WorkHeld to carry out their work within their own four walls without restrictions. The WorkHeld team will assist European companies with onboarding for free to make them ready to work remotely and decentralized within 3 days.

Weekly schedule and task distribution from home (office)

We have been working with industrial companies for more than 5 years. Some of them are even responsible for critical infrastructures that needs to be maintained no matter what happens. What helps these companies now is the ability to minimize the physical contact between employees in the distribution of work and monitoring progress. Mobile technicians receive their work orders and all other relevant documentation directly via the WorkHeld platform. The work documentation is also completed and synchronized via WorkHeld, so that coordinators and service managers can access and process the digital work reports and timesheets in their home office.

Individualized package for your company of any size – configured online

WorkHeld is a cloud solution and therefore ready to be used immediately. However, we are aware that many companies have special needs. Therefore we will configure some aspects of the app and customize it for you (e.g. defect categories, measurement categories or material types). The details will be discussed in an online onboarding workshop. After a few days the system is ready for use and an online training for coordinators, service managers and technicians follows. Everyone can participate via video stream and is then ready for working from the home office.

From the assignment of a work order to travel expense reports – everything from one source

With WorkHeld you assign projects, assignments and work orders easily via drag & drop, create checklists and can add pictures, sketches and other documents to tasks.

Field service employees receive their work orders and all other relevant documents quickly and easily via the WorkHeld Mobile App, which can also be used to document working hours, travel times, defects, measured values and much more. Coordinators and managers are also supported by WorkHeld. They can easily retrieve and process the digital work reports and timesheets of the employees directly from the home office. The processing of working hours, travel times and service reports can work as usual thanks to the data export to .csv, Excel, SAP, BMD, Navision etc.

Our offer for European industrial companies

The first steps with digital solutions are not always easy for industrial companies, but our Customer Success Managers can help. After a few days the setup of your WorkHeld application and the configuration is completed and you are back to regular work.

Companies will get unlimited WorkHeld licenses for the next 3 months and we are happy to support with online trainings for your employees (workers, technicians and department managers) via video stream.

If there are any questions afterwards, we support you through our Customer Success Managers via video call (during business hours from 9:00 – 5:00 CET).

Send us a short message and we will contact you to arrange a date for the onboarding workshop. (First come, first served!):


What do you need? Your technicians need a Windows 10 laptop or tablet. If this isn’t available to you, we will take care of the necessary devices together with our partners Kapsch BusinessCom and Ingram Micro.

Your employees in the office need a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. That’s it.

Let’s keep Europe up and running together! We are happy to help.