WorkHeld is the first field management software with an intelligent voice assistant. Speech is a natural and intuitive form of input, which is not only far superior to classic menu navigation or mask input, but also allows true multitasking. This enables a more efficient and also more comfortable job handling.

Efficiency and safety at work

The voice assistant ensures faster and more detailed documentation, which is the prerequisite for comprehensive quality analysis and predictive maintenance. But what quantifiable added value does the increase in efficiency really bring? By using the Voice Assistant from WorkHeld, time savings of up to one hour per day can be achieved. The main reason for this is the possibility of true multitasking and faster information input – expressed in numbers, a person can type 40 words per minute but speak up to 150 words.

Comparable to a hands-free car kit, the voice assistant also increases safety in the workplace, as technicians are given distraction-free access to relevant information and the opportunity to document their work.

WorkHeld is currently being delivered with a beta version of the intelligent voice assistant, which enables the user to query information on work orders and work steps as well as to document defects and deviations, expenses and working and travel times. The range of functions is also constantly being expanded in the form of additional skills.

A look into the future

Just five years from now, WorkHeld’s Voice Assistant will have a whole new look and some new features. “In 5-10 years, a technician will no longer call an expert in the office, but will simply call a “virtual” expert to get details on best practice. This virtual expert is a company-specific, Artificial Intelligence that can draw on the accumulated knowledge of the company.” According to Benjamin Schwärzler, CEO of Tablet Solutions GmbH, this is the future of the industry.

Where today it is still said: “The best brains make the race”, in the future the best AI will decide for day-to-day tasks, so that people can concentrate on new business fields and creative tasks. It is important to create the data basis already now, so that an AI can be developed and trained. We from the WorkHeld Team are happy to support you in this.

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