Service technicians, mechanics, maintenance technicians, technical field staff or simply technicians. In many mechanical engineering and industrial companies they are often still seen as workers who have to set up or repair as many machines as possible as quickly as possible. But have you ever wondered how much such a technician is worth to your company?

Technicians today take on much more roles than just repairing equipment. They are often the only link to your customers after an equipment is sold. So, they’re responsible for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing, Sales, and more. Often, this creates such a close relationship that customers no longer call the head office directly in the event of an urgent malfunction, but rather the technician. This is not appreciated at headquarters, but customers know “I can rely on him”. And that also means I can rely on company XY.

In addition, service technicians are seen as experts by your customers. They arrive when nothing works anymore or, ideally, shortly before nothing works anymore, so that this case does not even occur. Just as you go to a doctor to get expert advice, your customers call the service technician to get expert advice. Good technicians therefore have a high reputation and their opinion is trusted. Take advantage of this trust and promote your technician. You will not regret it.

The most important measures are:

  • Good tools: For us, these also include software “tools”.
  • Good training: Help your technicians build a good relationship with your customers. They should not only be trained technically, but also in the so-called “soft skills”.
  • Take their feedback seriously: Service technicians rarely complain, but if they tell you that something is not going well or is not well received by customers, take it seriously. It could be the most valuable feedback ever, because it comes directly from your customers.
  • Inform your technicians about innovations and new products in good time: It is important that the technicians are proud of your company. This is the only way they can represent it well to your customers.

These measures can also have a positive effect on sales, because better service means additional orders.

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